the final countdown….

whew! almost there.. this has been a true test in patience for me. being that i was two weeks early with Ella, i just assumed that this one would be.. and of course because all the signs are there (i’ll spare the details), and i was told “any day now”… but such as it is, that is not happening… yet.

as marshall told me tonight, i’m a stage manager, and as a stage manager, i anticipate early so things happen right on time.. true… 🙂

Ella and the cousins at Crazy Bounce :~)

The Wychers (save for James) came to town last week for a couple days.

Abigail spend the day with Marshall at VanAndel Arena during the Taylor Swift show.. She later stayed over night at our house and woke to Ella running about.  I think this may have been one of her most favorite field trips.

On Wednesday, the rest of the kids and Cozette, and Mom and Terry, and us went to CrazyBouse in Holland then spend the eve at our house again for Taco Bar night..  see more pictures here.

We are still recovering. ! Especially Mom to be..