the big party..

The birthday week has come to a close..

Ella had a few friends and family over on Saturday to celebrate her birthday..

Sunny day, lots of fun, low stress.. The kids got to play while the adults talked and took turns holding Max.

Ella made and decorated “fairy buns” for the occasion. She had certain ones for certain people and made sure they had them!

Ella also wanted to have a food drive instead of presents.. honestly – that was her idea. Thanks to the generosity of everyone we have a stack to donate!

Thanks everyone!

she’s 6!

the birthday girl had leftover fred’s-Vinecroft bday cake and fruit for breakfast…

i know – cake… but once a year can’t be too bad 🙂

yeah.. and then tacos, milk shake, and ice cream for lunch.. dad…!

bday fun..

here’s some pictures taken of ella on her camera of her 2 days with grandma and grandpa beaudoin.. they did a lot more than ice skating, but she was having so much fun that she forgot a few times to take pictures!

she came home yesterday and went right to ballet class – then home for dinner and right to bed – on her own will.. wow was she tired!

ella pre-skateella skate 3ella skate 1ella skate 2

Ella turns 6!??! Already?!

This Thursday is Ella’s 6th birbirthday-girlthday… unbelievable!

She’s with Grandma and Grandpa Beaudoin right now enjoying her present with them:  two days of fun including seeing “The Tale of Despereaux”, a library trip, ice skating, hot-tubbing – only to name a few things 🙂 They just left after watching the inauguration and having a taco lunch (one of Ella’s favorites) here.. amazing how quiet it became so suddenly! 

More birthday updates as the days progress….