Here’s a link to Ella’s ballet recital with balletmore from April 25, 2009. She will be the 5th one entering (there are only 5 girls in her class, so she’ll be hard to miss!) She had a few solos, to which she initally didn’t realize were solos.. she just thought she didn’t have a partner 🙂 What a perspective!

Photos of the performance and lots of Ella and Max to be posted soon – again, I need to get them off the camera!

Click here to watch (video footage courtesy of the Wright’s):

Ella’s Ballet Recital 2009

Ella had her first ballet recital on April 25, 2009.

Here she is pre-show (thanks Meg for the picture!):

ella pre-show, backstage :)

ella pre-show, backstage 🙂

We’ll be posting a link of her performance soon.. As well as pictures of her and Max.. we just need to get them off the camera!

more soon!