Artprize 2011

So…. This has consumed us for a while……
And it has been wonderful, but going full tilt on shows since May of this year without nary a break has been a blessing, but also extremely tiring!
But I did have these ladies to celebrate with after the Winners Announce.. ( L to R: Miranda (ASM), Rachel (ASM), me, Lisa, my wonderful friend ).

Drew took a bunch more photos, so once I get some from him, we will post those…
Fear No Art. 🙂


…a productive day!
School went by without a moment of frustration ..
Happy kids all day. Sick husband, but happy nonetheless…
Ballet class. Grocery. A nice, happy, normal day.

And that deserves this to be refilled… 😉


In The Hectic…

Excited for Artprize to start tomorrow. Excited to be a part of it this year. Even in the hectic.
In The Hectic. Need to be mindful of life In The Hectic.
Not to take anything for granted In The Hectic.
Not to forget In The Hectic.

The fall always feels like school when I was young. Excited to reconnect with old friends.. Excited to meet new ones.
That’s why I love the seasons in theater, opera… New and old friends with each production. Even In The Hectic.

Homeschooling a third grader and a three year old. In The Hectic.
Don’t count frustrating days as bad days. In The Hectic.
Enjoy the laughs and the smiles and even the grumps. In The Hectic.
That’s where life lies.
In The Hectic.
In the breath. In each breath.
I am thankful for each breath.


It feels like we were cruising the summer highway when the car slammed on its brakes and autumn slapped me in the face…
Not ready … Yet…20110917-110634.jpg




But the kids are always ready…
New school year, new rooms, new perspectives…
Perhaps I am ready… 🙂

December, really?

The 20th of December already?? Really?! And Max is already 2 and Ella turns 8 in one month. Yikes!!
Needless to say we’ve been kept busy with homeschool, ballet, our Curious Max, and shows, shows, shows….
Pictures to come of Ella’s first Nutcracker, and the recap of 2010… Including The Ace of Cakes and the POTUS! Stay tuned!