First Day of School – 2013-2014

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Ella is in 5th grade, and Max is in Kindergarten?
Unbelievable… And so wonderful!

A photo from this morning in the school room, and a video (click on the link below the photo named “max K day one” to play) I captured of Max singing his Happy First Day of School song and dance. 🙂

day 1 of 2013-2014
















max K day one

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First day of Second Grade!!

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Artprize, day 2

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So, we went back to Artprize Wednesday…SOOO much to see!



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Wrote a huge fun story about today… Then it got erased. 🙁
I will write it again, but for now, enjoy the pictures!!


Another reason why we homeschool

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I think the picture says it all… They were coloring as I read George Muller.
What a great day today.

Oh… And you can see Jupiter next to the moon too.

And I took a dance class.. Yep. That’s right. Second one in my 34 years.. Loved it. But I believe I will feel it tomorrow!



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Here’s a link to Ella’s ballet recital with balletmore from April 25, 2009. She will be the 5th one entering (there are only 5 girls in her class, so she’ll be hard to miss!) She had a few solos, to which she initally didn’t realize were solos.. she just thought she didn’t have a partner 🙂 What a perspective!

Photos of the performance and lots of Ella and Max to be posted soon – again, I need to get them off the camera!

Click here to watch (video footage courtesy of the Wright’s):


Ella’s Ballet Recital 2009

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Ella had her first ballet recital on April 25, 2009.

Here she is pre-show (thanks Meg for the picture!):

ella pre-show, backstage :)

ella pre-show, backstage 🙂

We’ll be posting a link of her performance soon.. As well as pictures of her and Max.. we just need to get them off the camera!

more soon!


the big party..

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The birthday week has come to a close..

Ella had a few friends and family over on Saturday to celebrate her birthday..

Sunny day, lots of fun, low stress.. The kids got to play while the adults talked and took turns holding Max.

Ella made and decorated “fairy buns” for the occasion. She had certain ones for certain people and made sure they had them!

Ella also wanted to have a food drive instead of presents.. honestly – that was her idea. Thanks to the generosity of everyone we have a stack to donate!

Thanks everyone!


she’s 6!

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the birthday girl had leftover fred’s-Vinecroft bday cake and fruit for breakfast…

i know – cake… but once a year can’t be too bad 🙂

yeah.. and then tacos, milk shake, and ice cream for lunch.. dad…!


through ella’s eyes..

Posted by funkybod on Jan 22, 2009 in Ella, Family

ella received a special camera for christmas.. here’s some of her shots from the last month — from christmas to movie watching to trips to trader joes and whole foods… anything she thought was photo worthy was captured.. i do not exaggerate when i say that she took hundreds 🙂

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