bday fun..

here’s some pictures taken of ella on her camera of her 2 days with grandma and grandpa beaudoin.. they did a lot more than ice skating, but she was having so much fun that she forgot a few times to take pictures!

she came home yesterday and went right to ballet class – then home for dinner and right to bed – on her own will.. wow was she tired!

ella pre-skateella skate 3ella skate 1ella skate 2

Ella turns 6!??! Already?!

This Thursday is Ella’s 6th birbirthday-girlthday… unbelievable!

She’s with Grandma and Grandpa Beaudoin right now enjoying her present with them:  two days of fun including seeing “The Tale of Despereaux”, a library trip, ice skating, hot-tubbing – only to name a few things 🙂 They just left after watching the inauguration and having a taco lunch (one of Ella’s favorites) here.. amazing how quiet it became so suddenly! 

More birthday updates as the days progress….

Christmas in MKE

So, we spent much of the holidays in Milwaukee with the Wimmer family.. Max finally met Grandma Wimmer (aka PawPaw), his Great Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Connie and Uncle Randy, Uncle Denny and Aunt Chrissy and all the other boy cousins.. Uncle Greg and Aunt Candy even got back early from Texas to see us before we left town..

Ella was  pretty happy to have seen all her girl cousins a few days before to have some girlie time – as you can see, she was ready to get in there with the boys playing Rock Band!

It was a big ol’ trip in winter weather. .we survived very well .. totally filled up our little truck with goodies.. and of course everyone got time with the newest member of the family.  

Christmas at Yoders

We all went out to Coopersville to Grandma and Grandpa Yoder’s house a couple of days before Christmas.. we met up with Marshall’s sister Cozette and all of her family.. Oh boy, did Ella have fun with the girls!.. Elijah was very happy to have met his boy cousin.. we think he felt that the odds were evened out a little bit with one more boy in the mix…and everyone got to meet Max.