First Day of School – 2013-2014

Ella is in 5th grade, and Max is in Kindergarten?
Unbelievable… And so wonderful!

A photo from this morning in the school room, and a video (click on the link below the photo named “max K day one” to play) I captured of Max singing his Happy First Day of School song and dance. 🙂

day 1 of 2013-2014
















max K day one


It feels like we were cruising the summer highway when the car slammed on its brakes and autumn slapped me in the face…
Not ready … Yet…20110917-110634.jpg




But the kids are always ready…
New school year, new rooms, new perspectives…
Perhaps I am ready… 🙂

December, really?

The 20th of December already?? Really?! And Max is already 2 and Ella turns 8 in one month. Yikes!!
Needless to say we’ve been kept busy with homeschool, ballet, our Curious Max, and shows, shows, shows….
Pictures to come of Ella’s first Nutcracker, and the recap of 2010… Including The Ace of Cakes and the POTUS! Stay tuned!

finally back at it…

Finally back at posting updates here… and pictures…

Finally back at the school year – Ella starts Grade 2… where did the time go?!

Finally back to sewing.. soon I hope!

Finally back to sleep… after my long bout of sleep apnea and finally having a diagnosis, I am sleeping and living, and even taking a ballet class.. who would have thought!?

Finally back…

Max is 1?! Whoa…

I cannot believe that Max is one already!  It seems like yesterday that we were madly posting new pictures of the little wrapped up man… and now he’s almost walking and babbling up a storm! He’s cutting teeth faster than Ella is losing hers (she’s up to 5 now!) and we simply can’t keep up with updates and pictures, and for that we apologize….

But I can say that we will try very hard to be better 🙂

Many of you have seen pictures on Facebook, but we will also try and upload them here as well…

Now just to get them off the camera!

Thanks for your patience… pics coming soon!