i caved..

and yes.. i am finally on facebook.. i caved.. i don’t think i’ll have time for it, since i don’t have time for this hardly, but we’ll see.. it is a good way to keep in touch with people i only see once a year on shows, etc… it’s worth a try!

just a few shots of how much growth has been going on in our house…

we’re sorry…

we know.. it’s been a LONG time since we’ve updated with anything, let alone pictures..

we’re working on it 🙂 fortunately, it’s starting to get into the busy season for us, so as much as we are happy about that from a financial picture, our social skills are lacking at the moment. thanks for bearing with us, and we’ll add a new post imminently!

the big party..

The birthday week has come to a close..

Ella had a few friends and family over on Saturday to celebrate her birthday..

Sunny day, lots of fun, low stress.. The kids got to play while the adults talked and took turns holding Max.

Ella made and decorated “fairy buns” for the occasion. She had certain ones for certain people and made sure they had them!

Ella also wanted to have a food drive instead of presents.. honestly – that was her idea. Thanks to the generosity of everyone we have a stack to donate!

Thanks everyone!

she’s 6!

the birthday girl had leftover fred’s-Vinecroft bday cake and fruit for breakfast…

i know – cake… but once a year can’t be too bad 🙂

yeah.. and then tacos, milk shake, and ice cream for lunch.. dad…!