I love coffee… I always have. Ever since my Dad used to make me “hot cocoa” in High School, and he’d add a “little” coffee to it, and gradually, the ratio would end up more coffee than cocoa! I love local, organic, fair trade, non-flavored, high-octane coffee!

But now, thanks to my BFF, I know about Organo Gold coffees…

OG coffees (and teas, soap, toothpaste!) have the fabulous Ganoderma herb incorporated in all of its products. OG has the patent on the Organic Ganoderma that is in every item. I not only drink it, but take the Spore Powder 3 times a day. I have felt more sustained energy, a reduction in the size of a small non-cancerous growth in my hand, and even better blood test results! (More on Ganoderma here: Ganoderma on PBS)

Being in show-biz, I sometimes need to drink a hot, steaming cup at night during a show. Now, I turn to OG, and don’t have any “gut-rot” or jitters.

If you are interested in a sample, let me know! Or, go here to order.



my og


As one gets older, one thinks one shouldn’t age quite so quickly. One wonders why it feels as if it’s happening faster than it should.

Does one accept it? Or try and figure it out?

I did not accept it.

When loads of strange health issues started plaguing me, I did as any smart woman does… I did my research.

It led to this:

I ask… I plead… If any of you have a memory foam mattress or pillow or pad… PLEASE get rid of it! They are toxic, and I am living proof of that. After only a few days, rashes and asthmatic conditions and basic breathing and fatigue have already begun to fix themselves!

I feel new and restored. I can’t wait to see what else this new found freedom from illness will have in store for me.



every few months I always think I will be more diligent about my posting… not that anyone reads them.. that’s ok. Then there’s no stress…

that’s been the mantra lately. no stress. no guilt.

Romans 8:28

All things work together for good to those who love God to those who are the called according to His purpose.

All things work together… All things…

Even the bad? Even the hard?

All things work together for good…

Yes. Even the bad. Even the hard.

All things…

Thank God that ALL things work together…


After the chaos…

It’s been four crazy weeks.
Stage managing and titles for La Bohème, show caller for GVSU grads, stage managing TedX Grand Rapids, show caller for DU EIB gala, titles for Idomeneo… And now, a show respite, but plunging back into “regular” life…


…a productive day!
School went by without a moment of frustration ..
Happy kids all day. Sick husband, but happy nonetheless…
Ballet class. Grocery. A nice, happy, normal day.

And that deserves this to be refilled… 😉


In The Hectic…

Excited for Artprize to start tomorrow. Excited to be a part of it this year. Even in the hectic.
In The Hectic. Need to be mindful of life In The Hectic.
Not to take anything for granted In The Hectic.
Not to forget In The Hectic.

The fall always feels like school when I was young. Excited to reconnect with old friends.. Excited to meet new ones.
That’s why I love the seasons in theater, opera… New and old friends with each production. Even In The Hectic.

Homeschooling a third grader and a three year old. In The Hectic.
Don’t count frustrating days as bad days. In The Hectic.
Enjoy the laughs and the smiles and even the grumps. In The Hectic.
That’s where life lies.
In The Hectic.
In the breath. In each breath.
I am thankful for each breath.