I love coffee… I always have. Ever since my Dad used to make me “hot cocoa” in High School, and he’d add a “little” coffee to it, and gradually, the ratio would end up more coffee than cocoa! I love local, organic, fair trade, non-flavored, high-octane coffee!

But now, thanks to my BFF, I know about Organo Gold coffees…

OG coffees (and teas, soap, toothpaste!) have the fabulous Ganoderma herb incorporated in all of its products. OG has the patent on the Organic Ganoderma that is in every item. I not only drink it, but take the Spore Powder 3 times a day. I have felt more sustained energy, a reduction in the size of a small non-cancerous growth in my hand, and even better blood test results! (More on Ganoderma here: Ganoderma on PBS)

Being in show-biz, I sometimes need to drink a hot, steaming cup at night during a show. Now, I turn to OG, and don’t have any “gut-rot” or jitters.

If you are interested in a sample, let me know! Or, go here to order.



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