Newest Pics of Max, Family and Friends


Some of you have asked for more pictures of Max.  Well here ya go.   Soon, I figure a month or so, maybe I won’t feel the need to share all the details and pictures with you.  But since I’ve had so much encouragement to keep the updates coming – here we go.

Family Notes: Yeah. we are adjusting… slowly I might add.  I’m reluctant to realize the magnitude of change around here.. whew.. Mom is doing well, trying to catch-up on sleep while keeping us all on track.. I have an amazing wife that is somehow, miraculously, doing what seems impossible to me .. but here we are, a big ol’ happy family.

And some operational notes: when you click a thumbnail picture it will open in a new page. If you click that picture again it will open even bigger.. I’m trying to improve how that all works.. but for now that is the system.  Email me if you’d like a larger image for print.

Which reminds me. If you register on this site. (click register, pick user-name and password) then you can comment.. feel free to do so and even  request prints to be sent.. I am making pictures for the grandparents this Christmas – let me know if you want one too.


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